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Australia’s most in-demand digital marketing Consultant & coach!

Welcome! Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Marcus!

"Black Belt' Marketing Expert

Over the past 17+ years I’ve developed high lever mastery in many facets of modern digital Marketing. My skill set is in the top 1% of digital marketers in the world. Here are the areas I possess a ‘Black belt’ level of skill in…

Your Strategic Partner

I exclusively work for businesses I own or in structured joint ventures deals as your ‘Strategic Partner’ 

In business, a ‘Strategic Partner’ is a rare, highly skilled person (marketer/entrepreneur) who brings in new business by opening up new channels and expanding new markets and profit streams you could not easily achieve.

Over the past 17+ years, I’ve helped generate over $50m in revenue. I am in the top 1% of marketers on the planet, and I have a strong, proven track record as a highly successful Growth Hacker.

Marcus Jovanovich

Win/Win Partnerships

As your Strategic Partner, I will take charge of the lead generation and sales side of the business, paving the way for rapid revenue growth that could significantly boost your business.

Each deal is different but usually structured as a percentage of revenue minus ad spend. Our experience has shown that the key to successful, long-term, win-win relationships is flexibility.

We keep our agreements flexible and adjust them over time to ensure the happiness and success of both parties.

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